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Easter Egg Diorama Part 3

So here is the last part of decorating your Easter egg diorama's and the most fun by far. Part 1 here and part 2 here. You can decorate any way you want there are no rules! First if you want to add grass just take some coconut and add some food color drops and mix. I added ten drops to a cup of coconut. As I mixed it the coconut fell out of the bowl all over the place lol... Maybe you could mix it in a zip lock baggie to keep the mess small but make sure to add color drops two at a time until desired color.
Prepare your icing bag with tip and coupler like so. This way you can change your tips as needed, if you have any questions about this let me know. Now make your icing
Royal Icing
3 cups powder sugar
1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar
2 egg whites
Beat the egg whites until foamy peaks form. Next add sifted sugar and tartar and mix until peaks are stiff and stand without falling over. You may have to add water (if you add water add it one drop at a time) or more sugar depending on the weat…

Easter Egg Diorama Tutorial Part 2

Part 2- Now that your egg has dried for 24 hours its time to prepare the under or inside of the egg. I start by placing the egg back into its form and then start digging out the still partially wet sugar. The crust will be hard so gently scrape until you break through to the wet sugar that comes out easily. The reason I place it back in the form is to support the egg under the pressure I will be putting on it so it will not break. I just use a spoon to scrape the inside out.
Here is the half that will be the front of my standing egg I will continue to scrape the egg until I break through
 As you can see my center hole goes all the way through now.
keep scraping and taking out sugar until you achieve the shape you want. Just keep in mind that if you make it too thin it might break. I keep mine kind of thick because I have broken many before. It takes time to make these and you do not want to spend two or three days making one only to have it break on you.
Here are both of my eggs holl…

Easter Egg Diorama Tutorial Part 1

Next to Christmas time and making Ginger Bread Houses this is one of my most favorite Holiday crafts to make Easter Egg Dioramas. So for my family who will be joining me this year to make them I have put together this tutorial for them and anyone else who wants to make a super easy and fun project for Easter To start you need a Egg form, Sugar, food color and water... that's it (I purchased this egg at the Dollar store it is a 15x20 inch size but any size will do it just depends on the size of the egg you want) Put 8 cups sugar in a large bowl. Add 8 color drops of your choice into 2 oz of water. Mix the colored water mix into sugar making sure that you thoroughly mix the sugar and color together. The sugar must be wet enough to stick together but not to wet if it gets to wet add more sugar, if to dry add more water
Now pack the egg forms with the sugar mix making sure to pack sugar evenly all around especially the ends and sides. do not let the sugar mound over the top as it nee…

Baby Shower "Pink Theme"

My Niece is having a baby girl and I was honored to be the one to host her party at my house I had a lot of fun planning and decorating for her (Hold on that table is crooked... Humm I missed this small detail until now lol)  Lots of yummy sweet treats My first diaper cake... It is not as pretty as the ones I found on the internet but it passes I think I love family gatherings, spending time with everyone talking, laughing, enjoying each others company and celebrating life. This party was just that filled with fun and much more! Maybe it was all the pink or the after effect of an sugar coma lol Just kidding
I gathered as much pink as I could find and then some. I melted pink chocolate and covered my cake mix cookies and some rice krispy treats and strawberry's, They were all a big hit
 My sweet grandmother would have said "luscious" or "delicious"  I sure miss her Some cake pops and peeps... My nieces first child jumped up and down laughing with delight when s…