Grand Mama's Recipe's

Not to long ago my sister told me that she had inherited our Grand Mama's Recipes (and this here) I was so happy for her because she was so very happy to have them. Our Grand Mama was a person who was always in the kitchen she did everything there from canning to candy to all our meals. She was a great cook and always spiced up the old regulars just to change things around a little
This is the inside of the above pic on the left it must be secret recipes lol
When my sister opened the this wooden recipe box inside the lid she found a treasure all on its own. It is a "I was here" signature on the lid. My grand mama took this recipe box to school in 1930 to her cooking class when she was all of 17 years old. Then... When my mother was in school she took it to her cooking class as well. How precious is this?
 This box is literally stuffed full of recipes and a quote or two
This was her fudge recipe and she made it often especially at Christmas time, it worked well and tasted very good! The smudge mark was probably from me after making some fudge and being a careless teenager I did not wipe it off very well.... lol Sorry grand mama
 Next she inherited some of her well used cook books that are very old and well used
And last but not least the red slippers she made and wore over and over and over again! I can remember her getting ready for church in her pretty dress and hair done really nice and her jewelry on but walking around in these red slippers until it was time to leave! I love my Grand Mama and miss her terrible
Thank you Grand Mama for all you did for us we will forever carry you in our hearts


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