February Gift Set Gathering

I have so much fun at these gatherings the bonding time with family and friends and the great food
I have recently started a vegetarian life style and have been looking for ways to spice up the old classics and these cucumbers were very yummy and sooooo easy. I just cut holes in them with a melon baler and filled it with Philly cream cheese with chives and put the cut out part on top. My son then added some salt and pepper on top. May I say Mmmmm very good
A classic salad is always a treat and below a warm bowl of Tomato basil barley soup topped with garlic baguettes  

No party of mine would be complete with out our staple... M&M's
 This is also my mothers birthday month so we had small cake for her... Haha I love chocolate!
 Here are some snipits from the day

 We are almost done with a couple of the animals and I think they are turning out really cute!
Here are two that are not quite done yet but are waiting for stuffing lol. I love this day each month the creativity is so fun.


  1. I love how you have turned this event into a celebration....yummy food always goes down so well with crafting xxx


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