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My Little Quail Family

These very fun birds spend time in my back yard eating all the bugs they can find and giving me a lot of pleasure watching them. There are about twenty or so at one time running around in my yard each day... I love them. I also have bunny's but they run away to fast before I can get any pictures of them. There is a bunch of nature here in our new neighborhood and I could not be happier. I can hardly wait until the wild horses come back this spring... 

February Gift Set Gathering

I have so much fun at these gatherings the bonding time with family and friends and the great food I have recently started a vegetarian life style and have been looking for ways to spice up the old classics and these cucumbers were very yummy and sooooo easy. I just cut holes in them with a melon baler and filled it with Philly cream cheese with chives and put the cut out part on top. My son then added some salt and pepper on top. May I say Mmmmm very good
A classic salad is always a treat and below a warm bowl of Tomato basil barley soup topped with garlic baguettes  

No party of mine would be complete with out our staple... M&M's  This is also my mothers birthday month so we had small cake for her... Haha I love chocolate!
 Here are some snipits from the day

 We are almost done with a couple of the animals and I think they are turning out really cute!
Here are two that are not quite done yet but are waiting for stuffing lol. I love this day each month the creativity is so f…

Turning 21

On Sunday we attended a party for my sweet niece and her 21st Birthday Her favorite cake is carrot cake... I have to say that is mine too I thought that this was so cute... my nieces father did not want to put the candles on the right way. He wanted to keep her at twelve years old. He is so funny, She goes to college now and is looking to graduate this fall with her BA we are so proud of her. It was a really great weekend

Family Game Night 2014

On a night when a flood watch is issued in the highlands and the wind is blowing so hard it bend our screen door backwards we gathered in for a fun night of games. 

Some home made Pico De Gallo (my fav)  A fun game of Tetris Jenga does not mix with Chili lol 
 A Barrel of Monkeys... A game from my childhood now being played by my niece and her Uncle Joe
After playing games until she was tired she wanted to watch the movie Barbie... LOL her uncle Joe was so accommodating.
Family Game night... inside on a cold blustery day... With loved ones... Priceless  Update... I forgot to publish this post a bit ago lol so here your are.

Janurary Christmas Gift Set

Here is the gift set for the hospital this Christmas coming up. The only thing missing is the hat but I do not have a pattern yet
 Each set will have a blanket, book, animal and hat January gift set done... BAM

DIY Wedding Reception Dinner and Decorations

My son and daughter in law to be hosted a mock wedding reception tonight to give us an idea of how the reception decorations and dinner would be. It was fun to see what they came up with. The wedding and reception will be held on the beach and in the gazebo at Sand Harbor so the decorations need to be an easy set up and take down and because the area often is windy it needed to be something that we could secure against the wind.

A beach theme is very appropriate for the beach lol I think they got it right Making dinner tonight was not a easy feat! It has been snowing all day and is quite cold outside 
BBQ Tri Tip on top of garlic buttered sour french bread topped with cilantro and tomato and drizzled with a reduced balsamic sauce... Oh My Goodness! They did such a great job. My daughter in law is going to college to get her culinary degree, she is a great cook! My son also is a great cook but self taught, between the two of them I will be gaining a lot more weight this year if I am n…