Wild Island Family Adventure Park

It is really nice being back in Nevada close to our large family's and being involved in their fun gatherings. This weekend my great niece had her fifth birthday party and held it at this fun place in Sparks called Wild Island
It's a arcade, bowling alley, go cart track, mini golf and water slide park in one place
 My niece had her daughters birthday party at the bowling alley area of this facility. Free bowling and pizza and drinks as needed, the kids loved it. 

 Here is the birthday girl... I told her to smile and she raised her arms and held them there until I took the picture... She is so cute and a big ham for the camera.
 At the bowling alley they have these really cute bowling ball guides for the kids so that their aim is better.
 They had a lot of fun bowling
 Cute dinosaur 
My sweet loving, big hearted sister in law teaching her grandson how to bowl... I love her so much she is the best sister in law I Love you sis!
These alleys are set up with bumpers for the kids so that they do not throw all there balls into the gutter every time. 
 unlimited pizza
 Me and my sweet baboo 
 In this cage you catch as many coupons as you can in one minute. The gifts are food, rides, games and she won about nine gifts... she was really happy
Most kids are really happy to open their gifts right away, but my great niece is more interested in her friends and the fun they were having... The presents went home unopened until a later time

 Although she just turned five, she has the maturity of and eight year old
 After the cake and pizza and bowling came the races

 She was so funny... On every round she stopped for a photo opportunity lol
And the winner is??? Well they did not keep track but after the races the kids had a melt down when it was time to go home! All tired and sugared out they needed a nap lol but it was a great day spent with the ones I love! 


  1. Oh what a fun place for a birthday party :)

    Free pizza and drink plus the happiness of little ones sure makes for a great day.


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