The Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory

In Washoe Valley there is a Chocolate Factory that makes from scratch their chocolate and other candy's like salt water taffy, fudge, chocolates of all kinds, caramel corn and kettle corn and the best Brittle I have ever tasted! The lady at the counter said that the Brittle recipe has been in the family every since the 1930's... That's a long time! its not good to mess with a great thing. Well in Washoe Valley the two lane road was getting very congested by traffic and they needed to find a way to relieve it so they built a very large high way that by passed the Valley all together. That was not really a good thing for the businesses there, several had to close their doors for good because the traffic went away and the road is deserted except for the locals that live there. Well the Chocolate Factory being right in the middle of the Valley was loosing all the Tourist traffic and their business was suffering greatly, so... they got the city to make a exit for them. Now they are doing better and in the process of building a web site to sell their chocolates and candy's. Their products are fresh and they taste very good and not waxy like some chocolates but creamy and rich! Below are some of the items they had spread all around their property


  1. ooooh my kind of place indeed....shame progress takes it s toll on small business. x


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