Solar cookers

I took a class on Solar Cooking some time ago and learned that there are quite a few things that you can use for solar cooking. I am so excited to make a couple of these this summer! 
This one you can actually freeze water in if left out over night. Or you can disinfect water in it or... cook something small like soup, tea or even a small loaf of bread! Yes... bread. I am going to try this one this summer
In this picture is a car windshield sun reflector and this can be used to cook with also...Who knew! I found out that you can use anything that has a shinny reflective surface and that you can bend into a kind of satellite shape or wide cone shape. That way the suns heat reflects into the food for the cooking power
The instructor also said that we should only use thin black pots or pans that way it absorbs the heat faster and more effectively 
This unit is like the best or popular item for solar cookers
This is an old barbecue cleaned out and foil added with a hard plastic top to let the sun inside. My girlfriend gave me an old BBQ like the one pictured and so this is what I will be making some time this summer.
Here is a link to the Solar Cooking International Network web page which is a really informative site.
And here is a link to a PDF on making your own solar cooker! I followed these instructions and made one out of cardboard and then cooked some hard boiled eggs... It worked! I loved it and it was cheap to make because I had all the materials. So excited! cannot wait for summer


  1. That is so fascinating...with the heat we have I am sure I could cook up a gourmet meal


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