Reusable Shopping Bags

I was reading a news article on reusable shopping bags and the bacteria that grows in and on them. Can I just take a moment and say EEWWW! I have heard before about bacteria on the bags but since I've never had a problem with it I was content to let it be. Well I went to use them the other day and found that they had a smell to them, so I decided it was time to wash them. Now I have to admit that I did not do any research on the cleaning of them, I just threw them into the washer and that was that. I am happy to say that they all came out nicely clean and unharmed.
This picture is of the dirty bags
A little to late I found out that there are washing instructions specific for each type of bag... Oh Well! That's me always rushing through things lol. I did finally go on the internet and found a great site for washing these bags. Also I found this site with good information as well and very informative. I am happy that I now have clean bags and will keep them clean in the future... My collection is growing so I have to think what to do next as I carry a large bag that keeps getting larger.The bag in the first picture is larger than it appears! It's the size of two paper grocery bags! Maybe next I will check into how to organize these items lol


  1. Oh I agree...I don't wash mine nearly to find them and throw them in the wash....and just hope they all survive otherwise i will set to work and sew up my own. xxx


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