Homemade Laundry Soap

Yesterday I washed my Reusable Shopping bags and it got me to thinking about laundry detergents
The internet is flooded with how to make your own "Laundry Soap" Ideas
I love the idea of it but have been really skeptical about it working and saving money at the same time!
One time I found a "make your own fabric softener" recipe and tried it but it was a fail! having only spent 6 dollars I was not to upset about it not working but I was not going to do that again!
All I did was follow the recipe from onegoodthing blog (recipe here) the only hard part (not really) was cutting or shredding up the soap. 
I just cut up the bar into cubes and used my ninja to make crumbs.
  Easy Peasy! Then mix it all together and that's it! I have laundry soap.

I washed two loads of laundry and this stuff is great! I can honestly say that the clothes smell way better. What I mean is they do not have a chemical scent or odor to them being covered up by the detergent and they look and feel cleaner. Another thing I noticed is that they do not have a film all over them! I did not realize that the detergent left a film on my clothes. Yuck! I call this one a winner...


  1. Yay it is fun to do...I did some too until I ran out then ran to the shops doh. Xxx


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