Grand Mama's Sewing Basket

My mother has always been a very generous person and when it came time to go through our Grand mama's things after she passed away some years ago my mother was still of the same heart! This is her sewing basket that my sister inherited from our Grand Mama. It was something that she used quite often and kept in very good shape. If I was to guess the year she bought it I think it would have been around the late 70's
My Grand Mama was a very clean and tidy person. She lived through the Depression Era our world experienced so she did not scrap a thing! Everything had a reusable purpose and she used them. I can remember her putting a plastic cover on our couch so that we children did not ruin the couch. Mom had her remove it after a couple years tho because it stuck to our legs as we got up... not to comfortable lol. Grand Mama left the plastic cover on her sewing basket to protect the cover and as you can see it did a great job!
The sewing box was left as she had left it the last time she used it. My Grand Mama quit sewing some years before she passed because she lost her eye sight. I felt very close to her as I opened the lid expecting her to come around the corner and ask what it was that I needed in her box. She was very protective of her things and for a good reason. Us kids would hardly ever put her stuff back... Or any thing back to its place lol I guess that is just a kid thing
There are things in this box that have not been made by the manufacturer for years because they either went out of business or bankrupt or what ever the reason.
And there are more recent things from manufacturers that are still around but the packaging has changed. I bet the last time she used this basket was in the late 80's

These pins are of a good quality and the pin tops are made out of glass. It is just to bad that the humidity got to them and rusted them so that no one may use them again. It was nice taking a step back in time! Thank you Shauna for sharing your treasure with me.


  1. What a wonderful treasure and memories.
    I have old glass Pyrex bowl that my memaw used for gravy or mashed potatoes my whole life every time I use it the memories make me smile.

  2. That is a really lovely treasure that has many memories attached to it...I am sure you could use steel wool maybe to poke the pins in and maybe they would be usable. Xx


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