Goody Can

When I was a child my grandmother made me a goody can for Christmas every year and filled it with home made fudge, rice krispy treats and so on. She would cut them very small and wrap each one in foil so that it was like opening up a gift. It was something that we prized above all gifts because it lasted weeks. 
But my grandmother decorated the outside of our goody can with felt and cut out Christmas decorations and pasted them on the can with sequins and beads. It really was very pretty! 
So for my son's birthday this year I wanted to make one for him... but what I found is that it takes a lot of time and energy to make all that candy and with my crazy schedule I thought that I would take a short cut. I was a little late starting this project too so here is what I did.
 I purchased candy lol not home made but yummy all the same!
 I stuck this cupcake in the middle of the can in between all that candy
 I cut a piece of fabric to the size of a empty coffee can and glued it to the can
 Next I glued ribbon all around the top and bottom of the can
 I chose this fabric because my son had a quilt similar to this pattern when he was young. When it was used beyond repair he had to throw it away. When he saw this fabric he said that it reminded him of his old quilt! Yay! That was my intention 
 Then inside I added some money, One dollar for each year of his life
 It was a great hit! He loved it

A happy memory recycled into a new idea... 


  1. How fun for you and home to relive such fond memories....and who doesn't love surprises and lots go chic goodies....oh and money...I can see why he liked it. Xx

  2. Such a great memory and to think how long it took her to make the treats and wrap them.

    A can full of anything with Reese's and money make a great birthday surprise :)


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