A Reusable Bag Slip Cover

I found this great item at a office warehouse for 5.99. I really love it! It fits into my purse and is available anytime I go shopping. It's convenient, lightweight and compact. I love this idea and want a bunch to use as my shopping bags but they are too expensive.
So the other day when I was washing my shopping bags I thought about how to better store them other than the way (below) and came up with an idea copied from my office warehouse find. A case to hold my bags and keep them in order
I looked through my spare fabrics and found this
Just a small piece of extra fabric from a left over project. A 22 X 16 inch swatch that I put together
 So for the first one I took my time and made tucked seams and used needles, it took me about 30 minutes
but with the second one there was no taking my time and only two tucked seams... I just cut a swatch of fabric on the fold and then sewed two sides together it took five minutes
 They both basically look the same and work very well for holding my bags!
 The one on the right is made so that I can add Velcro to close it and the one on the left is just a slip.
 I am so happy about how they turned out! one holds nine bags and the other holds seven bags.
I think these slip covers are great and much more compact than the huge bag I had kept them in. With the exception of three or four large canvas bags that are to thick to fold and cover I have all of them in small cases! Yay Way easier to carry and keep clean and organized
I am so happy to say goodbye to this mess!


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