A New Christmas Tradition

I have been searching for a new Christmas tradition for a bit now and it seems like it's taken me for ever to find one for our family BUT!!! I finally decided on one that I am so excited about! 
Each month with the help of friends and family we are making Christmas gift sets for the children's cancer ward at our local hospital. (I have been wanting to do something like this since my sweet daughter passed)
With each gift set there will be a quilt, a stuffed animal that matches the blanket, a book and a hat.
We plan to meet once a month so we can work on one or more of the gift sets. I hope to have 12 sets personally done by Christmas this year. Today we started five sets, I will post some pictures when we have a complete set done.
And of course no gathering would be complete unless we shared a meal together. I found a really great recipe for French Onion Soup HERE I also added finger sandwiches YUMMY!
Very good soup. 
Over all it was a great day spent with some very special people! I am looking forward to next month when we will get together again! 


  1. This is an amazingly generous gesture by you all. xxx


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