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Grand Mama's Sewing Basket

My mother has always been a very generous person and when it came time to go through our Grand mama's things after she passed away some years ago my mother was still of the same heart! This is her sewing basket that my sister inherited from our Grand Mama. It was something that she used quite often and kept in very good shape. If I was to guess the year she bought it I think it would have been around the late 70's
My Grand Mama was a very clean and tidy person. She lived through the Depression Era our world experienced so she did not scrap a thing! Everything had a reusable purpose and she used them. I can remember her putting a plastic cover on our couch so that we children did not ruin the couch. Mom had her remove it after a couple years tho because it stuck to our legs as we got up... not to comfortable lol. Grand Mama left the plastic cover on her sewing basket to protect the cover and as you can see it did a great job!
The sewing box was left as she had left it the last…

The Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory

In Washoe Valley there is a Chocolate Factory that makes from scratch their chocolate and other candy's like salt water taffy, fudge, chocolates of all kinds, caramel corn and kettle corn and the best Brittle I have ever tasted! The lady at the counter said that the Brittle recipe has been in the family every since the 1930's... That's a long time! its not good to mess with a great thing. Well in Washoe Valley the two lane road was getting very congested by traffic and they needed to find a way to relieve it so they built a very large high way that by passed the Valley all together. That was not really a good thing for the businesses there, several had to close their doors for good because the traffic went away and the road is deserted except for the locals that live there. Well the Chocolate Factory being right in the middle of the Valley was loosing all the Tourist traffic and their business was suffering greatly, so... they got the city to make a exit for them. Now the…

A New Christmas Tradition

I have been searching for a new Christmas tradition for a bit now and it seems like it's taken me for ever to find one for our family BUT!!! I finally decided on one that I am so excited about!  Each month with the help of friends and family we are making Christmas gift sets for the children's cancer ward at our local hospital. (I have been wanting to do something like this since my sweet daughter passed) With each gift set there will be a quilt, a stuffed animal that matches the blanket, a book and a hat. We plan to meet once a month so we can work on one or more of the gift sets. I hope to have 12 sets personally done by Christmas this year. Today we started five sets, I will post some pictures when we have a complete set done. And of course no gathering would be complete unless we shared a meal together. I found a really great recipe for French Onion Soup HERE I also added finger sandwiches YUMMY! Very good soup.  Over all it was a great day spent with some very special pe…

Wild Island Family Adventure Park

It is really nice being back in Nevada close to our large family's and being involved in their fun gatherings. This weekend my great niece had her fifth birthday party and held it at this fun place in Sparks called Wild Island It's a arcade, bowling alley, go cart track, mini golf and water slide park in one place  My niece had her daughters birthday party at the bowling alley area of this facility. Free bowling and pizza and drinks as needed, the kids loved it. 
 Here is the birthday girl... I told her to smile and she raised her arms and held them there until I took the picture... She is so cute and a big ham for the camera.  At the bowling alley they have these really cute bowling ball guides for the kids so that their aim is better.  They had a lot of fun bowling  Cute dinosaur  My sweet loving, big hearted sister in law teaching her grandson how to bowl... I love her so much she is the best sister in law I Love you sis! These alleys are set up with bumpers for the kids s…

Solar cookers

I took a class on Solar Cooking some time ago and learned that there are quite a few things that you can use for solar cooking. I am so excited to make a couple of these this summer!  This one you can actually freeze water in if left out over night. Or you can disinfect water in it or... cook something small like soup, tea or even a small loaf of bread! Yes... bread. I am going to try this one this summer
In this picture is a car windshield sun reflector and this can be used to cook with also...Who knew! I found out that you can use anything that has a shinny reflective surface and that you can bend into a kind of satellite shape or wide cone shape. That way the suns heat reflects into the food for the cooking power The instructor also said that we should only use thin black pots or pans that way it absorbs the heat faster and more effectively  This unit is like the best or popular item for solar cookers This is an old barbecue cleaned out and foil added with a hard plastic top to le…