Thanks Giving Day 2013 Part One of Two

Here is the decorated photo spot I blogged about here I think it turned out really great even though messy lol!
The love of my life right by my side... now and always 
I see in this photo that the back drop really is small and not for large family's like mine but it worked for what we needed
Here is my son and his new bride!

Here is my other son and his fiance' 

My mother in law... I love her so much lol she is a riot! Although she will probably kill me for adding this photo to my blog... Sorry mom love you!
We had about sixty four family members and friends in attendance. It really was a great night for us.
More food than could be eating that night so everyone went home with a take home basket
I had these cup cakes made for the dinner and was looking forwards to having one and I found out I was to slow lol they were all gone. I snoozed and lost lol oh well. Below are pictures of us in front of the Christmas Photo Spot


  1. Love love me thinking about something for our family Christmas shot.....what lovely photo of you and your hubby.

    You have a giant sized house too. xxx


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