Secret Santa

At work we are having a Secret Santa gift exchange. I love secret gift exchanges they are very fun. But this year I kind of wanted to do something better than just handing a gift off on the due date which I always thought was kind of weird anyway. How can you be a secret Santa when you do nothing until the day you hand your gift over with your name attached???... well I guess it works as a secret because you do not know who is giving you the gift...
Well anyway this year I thought what can I do different? Then at one of my clients office they had a small tree with several different gifts under it opened. When I asked her to tell me about it she said that it was from her secret Santa. She said that each morning when she comes in she has a new present to open up. What a great idea but they do this from the day after Thanksgiving day until Christmas Eve... Way to long for me so below is what I did... A five day secret Santa for my secret gal
Day One I found this hand sanitizer tutorial from mommy happenings I chose to take the easy way out and just cut out the picture on a gift bag that I had lol I am all for short cuts but the tutorial was good
I do not think that it turned out to bad... I added some hand cream with it.
Day Two I found some really nice soft socks and added some soothing foot cream... I hope she likes this, I love to rub lotion on my poor aching feet after a great day of work
Day Three A warm and cozy throw for those nights by the fire when the temp goes down to negative 6 degrees like it did last week Brrrrrrr
And a nice hot cup of hot chocolate with mint stir stick and sweet marshmallows on top
Day Four A small church ornament with a tea light inside to illuminate it
Day Five This is the last day. I really love this gift idea that I found on Mrs Happy Homemaker and I think it is the cutest idea of them all and that is why I saved it for last. I just filled the jar with M&M's and copied the poem from the link above
I really hope that my sweet gal enjoys opening her gifts all week, I am on vacation so I suspect that she will not guess its me. Kind of sneaky right lol


  1. Such a great home made gift idea with the M&M's.

    I love all of your secret Santa ideas.

    Being disabled finds me missing co workers especially at this time of year, the joy in sharing a surprise gift or home made idea or food with others was my favorite thing to do.

  2. That is went to so much trouble and being on vacation will really throw her off the scent. xxx


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