Finding a New Family Tradition

Christmas in our family has always been very special. We have a very large family and after moving to California we felt lonely with out them so we started a new family tradition for the kids and us.
We knew that our friends would not give up spending Christmas dinner with their families to spend it with us so we came up with another idea... Christmas Breakfast! It was the best idea that we could have come up with for our family and other families for years to come.
Our first Christmas breakfast was so fulfilling to our family that we were excited to have another one the following year and the next year and the next one after that and that is how the tradition started...
Each year the amount of people that spent Christmas breakfast with us grew larger and larger until one year there was standing room only. The largest count for breakfast that we had was 65 and stayed that count for about four years. 
Then one year we thought that we needed a what we called a "Memory Tree" it was a special tree that we put up for our friends that joined us for breakfast. Any one who came to our house would sign an ornament with their families names and the year that they visited us. Oh boy was that a great idea!!! We have ornaments from children that grew up before our eyes and what a treasure it is.
For breakfast we would serve everything that you can fix for breakfast. We did that so that everyone could eat no matter what kind of food they liked. We served every thing from sweets to steak and everything in between.
We invited everybody that we could and more. We did this for about sixteen years give or take. This became a family tradition for many people in our lives as well. I can remember one year that we thought that everyone would like to do other things besides spend Christmas with us and so we passed around that we were not doing breakfast for that year... Well the response was overwhelming to us that we could not stop because "What would we do" was the claim from our friends.
What sweet wonderful love did we feel from our great family of friends so we kept on going for several more years until...In 2008 when our daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer...we could not have so many people in the house while she was on treatment so we did just a small intimate breakfast for our family. Our many friends understood and offered their support as needed, Truly blessed to have them in our lives!
Doing this Christmas tradition of making breakfast for our friends was my husband and daughters labor of love. For all those years they would get up at what they laughingly called "0'dark thirty" and made breakfast for all our friends who would fill our house and lives with such great love and friendship. These memory's will forever be in our hearts and minds... But this tradition is now too painful to do with out her. Sooooo we are thinking upon what to do now. We need a new tradition and have been thinking about it a lot. One idea was helping to serve at a homeless shelter or, give a family who are down on their luck a family Christmas instead of having one ourselves... Well what ever we decide I know that it will be done with the love in our hearts for our daughters memory!


  1. Awwww that brings a tear to my guys are such generous and big hearted people.....I am sure whatever you choose will impact those around you....and you in turn will be truly blessed. xxxxx


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