Decorating Gingerbread 2013 and Birthday BBQ

Christmas time is such a great time of year. Celebrating the birth of Christ has been something that I have done all my life. But there are other things we do at this time of year that makes me happy... Like decorating Ginger bread houses.
There is no specific way to decorate them... it's just what ever you come up with that works. I have not seen a decorated house that was a bad one. Every house has its own character and style and I love them all.
I started decorating houses when I was about 13 years old or so. I have blogged about it here and here and here. It truly is a long time tradition and today we kept it alive.
Today was a fun gathering for my family and isn't this what it's all about? Making family bonds tighter... all this decorating is just extra fun on the side.
 Can you read whats on the present this Santa is holding? It says Crisp Kringle lol so inventive
I found this tiny gingerbread house at the dollar store and had to get it. It's so funny and so cute
This is one of my sweet sisters, She came to spend the day with us today but she did not make a house. She and her family would not eat it and she said that she did not want waist it so she brought a project with her instead.
She is making Christmas gifts for the missionary's in our area who will spend Christmas away from their family's this year.
My sister is so very thoughtful! Although I am her older sister, she has taught me many lessons and I have a lot of admiration for her... She is my hero! I love you sis
AND! She is such a talented sewer as well. Each year she makes my niece and nephews Halloween outfits and each year she out does herself from the year before. So talented...
 Here are a few of the decorated ginger bread

 Me and my sis
 Us and our mom! Love you mom
And this guy... Is the love of my life! The reason I am so happy. He makes me a better person just by being with me.
 Joe's parents and us
Happy Birthday my sweet baby thank you for sharing your life with me!


  1. Awwww such love and so much fun...neat houses. xxxx

  2. I love gingerbread houses, yours look beautiful, and you are right there are no right or wrong ways on decorating them, after all aren't we suppose to eat parts of them before long :)


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