Christmas Time

I love Christmas.... It is the time of year that people change. I love the way people are more giving and more loving. I have always wanted the spirit of Christmas to continue all year and sad that it didn't. At first I thought that once Christmas was over, that was it... But I find that the Christmas spirit really does go on past the holiday itself. But you have to look at it and for it with that same Christmas spirit!

What is the Christmas Spirit? I feel it is the love for my savior, the love for each other, the giving of our time, resources, and service to those in need. Does that stop after Christmas? Absolutely not. The only thing missing from the Spirit of Christmas after Christmas is the wrappings, trappings and decorations.

I hope that this year after we have put our Christmas decorations away for another year we all look for and at the love and giving of others, that we try to search out opportunities ourselves to pass on that love and service to others in need. This does not need to be large project of huge proportions but can be something as simple as a secret note of support to a friend in need, a offer of spending time with a elder person that may be lonely or just holding the door open for someone and offering a really large warm smile to them as they pass.

But lets not look for the reward of our actions, just enjoy the rewarding feeling you get for doing something for someone other than for yourself. That indeed is a great reward all in its self.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Prosperous New Year may your lives be filled with that Christmas Spirit of love, giving and happiness all year long.


  1. Beautifully said and so so true.....thanks for the reminder. xxxx


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