2013 A Year of Change

Thinking about all the things that happened this year 2013... It's been a year filled with change. Change is good for a lot of reasons but some times very hard. Our changes have improved our lives a hundred fold even though it's been hard.
Taking steps into a new year is exciting. Exciting because you have a brand new year to fill with your thoughts, actions and love for life. Getting together with the ones you love and making new memory's, starting new friendships and trying out new activities. It is like closing one door and opening another.
Last year 2012 we added to our family a new daughter in law and this next year 2014 we will add another. Our life is so blessed with two beautiful Daughter in laws and two wonderful sons all the other stuff is just a added bonus in our life
So, here is to new beginnings from our house to yours. 
          May your new year be exciting and filled with love, happiness and prosperity   


  1. Happy New Year...love seeing your pics with your new camera. Xxx


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