Wild Horses

 I have blogged about these horses before but I LOVE! ! ! ! Them very much!
They always walk up and down the street I live on. Some of our neighbors leave hay out for them so they do not go hungry not that they would because they love to eat all the grass and flowers around
 They all are very healthy and do not look like they are starved for food. The evidence is on the walk way after they have gone through lol
Although they are wild you can get right up next to them and they do not spook. I love horses... if they were not so expensive I would have one


  1. they're so cute!! I've always wanted one too....lets get one lol :)

  2. That is truly a fascinating sight to see....what happens to them in that snowy weather you have?

  3. I would be in awe I love horses as well, their eyes are just captivating.

    There is an island close to us where wild horses roam and live, one year I captured a foal along the shore, I was delighted.


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