Sparks Marina and Lake Tahoe

My son has proposed to his girlfriend and they plan on getting married next year! We were out this weekend looking for a venue for the wedding and found this place called Sparks Marina and fell in love with it. It is a man made lake with a small beach on it and not to far from the house a perfect spot!
 Great spot here for the wedding to take place
One problem was that when the kids started looking into the price of this place we found that they do not allow weddings... Talk about disappointing! When you find the perfect place and then are told you cannot go there... Very disappointing... but some times out of disappointments come blessings
 The blessing came in the form of a wedding at Lake Tahoe! We checked out this place and they fell in love with it. Now we have to wait for one more day to make sure that we can get this place!!!
 Hoping and Praying that it works out!
 So beautiful 
 The lake is so blue

 They even have a ship that we can rent for a ceremony... Lots of decisions to make but had a great weekend with the happy couple! Thank you for letting me go along with you I had a great day! 
Updated: November 29 2013 The lake spot on Sand Harbor is a place that we can have a wedding, now we have to wait until January to book it! Soooooo Happy about that


  1. Congrats on a new wedding in the family.....the venues look very special and looks like you are getting used to that new camera too. xxxxx


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