Snow Day

I woke up this morning to see it if had rained last night as predicted but what I saw was not rain lol Yay! it was white and wet and very cold!
Oh snow beautiful snow! I love the snow it blankets everything in a beautiful color of white
 a layer of about three inches fell last night and it is still lightly falling
Soft and fluffy
A blanket of white... Love it!  feeling happy today
 I love the contrast that the colors make 

Aw my little Kota does not like this new white stuff he has probably seen it only twice in his life. I had to laugh because he walked behind our BBQ to stay off of it. His poor little paws do not like to be cold

In the picture below can you see what woke me up this morning singing???
Yep that is him... Singing happily 
 Sweet happy baby... I love being woken up by nature and not by traffic or the noise of the city
And you all know that a snow day without a snow man would not be complete... But standing there in my slippers and pj's freezing I did not have time to do it right so all she gets is a flower... Today is going to be a great day!


  1. Your pics are so awesome.....I can only imagine how beautiful it all is in real life....Have only seen snow once myself. xx


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