Plants Revamped

When I moved here to Nevada from California I brought with me seven plants. Each had a special meaning for me and was the only reason they came. 
 This is a Jade cutting from a twenty five year old, four foot tall Jade tree. A girlfriend gave it to me but as it was so tall I could not take it with me. I finally potted it today and I hope it will flourish here.
This plant is a succulent but I do not know its name. This plant at one time was ten times bigger than it is now but I neglected it after my daughter passed. Acctually I neglected all my plants after that but I am trying to redeem myself. I started this plant from one small bud and I hope that it comes back to its former glory
This poor plant was a gift from a dear friend and the dirt its planted in is not really dirt so this is what it looks like after three years... really leggy and pale
I hope that it will now grow better as I have given it real dirt this time.
I love the little angel 
These have been neglected too long... and now they have a little bit of frost damage as it is about 26 deg. in the mornings so I brought them inside. These were given to me by a friend in California but the mother plant was also to big to bring. It stood three feet tall and was way to heavy to lift so I brought its baby's I love aloe plants.
 When I picked up this pot it fell apart so i will have to give it a new home soon

Above is pretty bad but here it is below much better!
 I had to cut off a lot of frost damage from the one on the right.
And last but not least this poor baby but I have to save his story for tomorrow... Time to go to work! 


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