Plants Revamped part 2

Oh this plant has taken my heart! After moving to Nevada... Well no even before moving to Nevada I had been neglecting this poor plant due to events in my life. But in spite of my neglect it has hung on to life
It's pot is falling apart and will not be safe much longer. I will have to replace it this next spring before it crumbles all together.
This plant is so starved for water that it has sent out these hair roots looking for any water it can find any where. (sorry about my large thumb in the way lol)
All over the plant is trying to grow these little buds and I think that since all the branches are dry and brittle its drinking its own liquid to stay alive. Well I don't know if that is true or not but it seems that way
 When I pulled the plant out of the pot I found this... It is hard pan clay dry as the desert and hard as a brick
 I tried to smash, crush and pull it apart and it did not budge, I had to use a knife and water to dissolve the clay
 Here is a close up of the small hair like roots that have turned from hair to small twigs in an attempt to get water.

Well I doctored it up as good as I could and now its time to nurture all these plants after years of neglect. This last one being neglected the most. I remember one day thinking that I would just let it die because I was dealing with my grief... When it survived the summer and winter and then the next spring I knew that I had to save it so I brought it with me here
I kept some extra branches in a cup of water just in case I shocked the plant too much and it dies. I sure hope it makes it after surviving five years of neglect I feel I owe it to this survivor! 


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