Photo Spot

I have the best brother in law... Well really ALL of my brother in laws are the best lol but this one made me a really cool frame for our Thanks Giving Day dinner next week. I am decorating a couple Photo Spots to take holiday pictures and needed something to use as a back drop.
Not knowing what to do I remembered that my brother in law is very handy and I knew that he could figure something out for me that would work very well. I must say that I am not disappointed in the least!
He really out did his self making this frame because I can take it apart, transport it and then put it up all my myself and this thing is eight plus feet high and five feet wide. I loved that he made it that way because I will be able to use it again and again as we have lots of functions in our family and church.
 See... Simple yet effective. All you do is put it together with the pegs and then stand it up
 My brother added a couple of clips to hold any fabric or cloth I choose for back drop stable 
 Now comes the fun part of figuring out what decorations to add... This one is for a Christmas themed photo
 And this one is Fall or Thanks Giving Themed
Now I have to decorate this one too! But that is the fun of it all right? I will post pictures next week after our party of the decorated finished product from our Photo Spots! Have a happy week!


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