Tissue Holder

My dad is so creative. I was riding in their car one day and noticed a box of tissue hanging off the dash and kind of laughed at it. I said what is that their for? My mother said it's for easy access. I kind of thought it was silly...

Fast forward to today and I was in my work car driving down the road and had been feeling a little under the weather with the sniffles. I keep a box of tissues in my car but they were in the back behind my seat and I had to keep reaching behind to get to them.

I thought to myself I need something to keep them close and off the ground... know where this is going lol

I called my dad and asked him to make me one... Now I am so happy and my tissues are clean, off the ground and I can reach them easily. Who's laughing now hahahaaaa. Thanks dad your the best!


  1. Very cool...love the new blog look too. xxxx


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