DIY Snow Globe

This weekend was my daughter in laws birthday so we went down to visit them and while there we made these lovely snow globes. All you need are Mason glass jars, super glue, glitter I used superfine, figurines, Styrofoam or something used to raise your figurines and last some water. 
Next take your Orange Tabby Kitten and.... No just kidding Rusty wanted to be in the middle of everything lol he is so cute.
I picked the size tree I wanted making sure it fit in my jar and then glued it to the lid on the underside or inside of the lid
I added the Christmas light bulbs buttons with super glue to the tree in random order
And let it dry. Once dry I added water and glitter into the jar and then added the tree and tightened the lid and turned it over and tada!!! Here is my Christmas snow globe 
Just a caution or warning here... I added some craft snow flake but this did not work for the snow globe because it was lighter than the water and I had snow falling upwards not down. When I saw this I busted up laughing because it was so funny (See photos below)
 So I do not know if I needed to add something else or not but I just unscrewed the lid took it off and scooped out what snow I could get out and then put the lid back on.
After I took out the snow flakes it worked like it needed to lol. Next I made a small globe the same way and added just glitter but I did not let the glue dry all the way and it came apart in the water about fifteen minutes later so please let the glue really dry first. 

You can see in the picture below the bottom of the small one has already come loose but it got worse lol
Mine are above and my daughter in laws are below
The Christmas bulb was super easy just glue the tree inside with glue and add snow! Such a really great weekend with my sweet children! I miss them already! Looking forwards to Thanksgiving when I will see them again. 


  1. What a lot of fun......there is something you can add tot he water ,....but not sure I can remember what it is...they look great anyways. xxx


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