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Wild Horses

I have blogged about these horses before but I LOVE! ! ! ! Them very much! They always walk up and down the street I live on. Some of our neighbors leave hay out for them so they do not go hungry not that they would because they love to eat all the grass and flowers around
 They all are very healthy and do not look like they are starved for food. The evidence is on the walk way after they have gone through lol
Although they are wild you can get right up next to them and they do not spook. I love horses... if they were not so expensive I would have one

Photo Spot

I have the best brother in law... Well really ALL of my brother in laws are the best lol but this one made me a really cool frame for our Thanks Giving Day dinner next week. I am decorating a couple Photo Spots to take holiday pictures and needed something to use as a back drop.
Not knowing what to do I remembered that my brother in law is very handy and I knew that he could figure something out for me that would work very well. I must say that I am not disappointed in the least!
He really out did his self making this frame because I can take it apart, transport it and then put it up all my myself and this thing is eight plus feet high and five feet wide. I loved that he made it that way because I will be able to use it again and again as we have lots of functions in our family and church.
 See... Simple yet effective. All you do is put it together with the pegs and then stand it up  My brother added a couple of clips to hold any fabric or cloth I choose for back drop stable   Now co…

Be Kind

Found this little guy at work sitting on our shelf with this little note around his neck! I read it and thought so true... So true.

Snow Day

I woke up this morning to see it if had rained last night as predicted but what I saw was not rain lol Yay! it was white and wet and very cold! Oh snow beautiful snow! I love the snow it blankets everything in a beautiful color of white  a layer of about three inches fell last night and it is still lightly falling Soft and fluffy A blanket of white... Love it!  feeling happy today  I love the contrast that the colors make 
Aw my little Kota does not like this new white stuff he has probably seen it only twice in his life. I had to laugh because he walked behind our BBQ to stay off of it. His poor little paws do not like to be cold

In the picture below can you see what woke me up this morning singing??? Yep that is him... Singing happily   Sweet happy baby... I love being woken up by nature and not by traffic or the noise of the city And you all know that a snow day without a snow man would not be complete... But standing there in my slippers and pj's freezing I did not have time …

Dog Toy Caper

Last week I was doing a little light house work and noticed this little lamb under the living room table after I had just dusted it. That little lamb is my puppy's toy that he carries around with him everywhere he even sleeps with it using it as a pillow... I know... Silly dog lol I thought that my son was playing a trick on me by placing it there but when I said to him "very funny" He looked surprised and then started laughing saying I didn't do it it was your dogs lol Here is the guilty little man looking all innocent... Boy oh boy does he need a bath

Sparks Marina and Lake Tahoe

My son has proposed to his girlfriend and they plan on getting married next year! We were out this weekend looking for a venue for the wedding and found this place called Sparks Marina and fell in love with it. It is a man made lake with a small beach on it and not to far from the house a perfect spot!
 Great spot here for the wedding to take place One problem was that when the kids started looking into the price of this place we found that they do not allow weddings... Talk about disappointing! When you find the perfect place and then are told you cannot go there... Very disappointing... but some times out of disappointments come blessings
 The blessing came in the form of a wedding at Lake Tahoe! We checked out this place and they fell in love with it. Now we have to wait for one more day to make sure that we can get this place!!!
 Hoping and Praying that it works out!  So beautiful   The lake is so blue

 They even have a ship that we can rent for a ceremony... Lots of decisions to…

Small Town Gas Station

I passed through a small town last week and stopped at the local fueling station to fuel up. As I added fuel to my vehicle a Bobcat pulled up next to me. I took a double take because for me this was a odd thing. I move to Reno from a large metropolis and this is not a common occurrence there (at least in 25 years I had not seen this). I am sure it happens else where but I had to take a picture because it made me smile.