Lil Ducky Raggedy Baby Blanket

I Love sewing! I have been sewing for about thirty some years and still love sewing
It is the creative part of this that is so fun!
 I have a girlfriend that is going to have a baby next month and so I just grabbed a couple colors of fleece and got to work. I really did not know what I was going to do but I worked it out.
I cut out thirty - nine inch squares of print, fifteen blue and fifteen yellow and put a print with a solid and sewed an X to hold them together. Next I made sure to have all blue on one side and the yellow on the other and sewed them all together. Then put on a blanket binding and cut the seams to make a raggedy side
I love the blue color of this blanket
I think that it turned out really good for my first raggedy blanket

 It did turn out kind of thick but it's going to be a great blanket for warmth.
 Here is the raggedy side... it has not been washed yet. After it's washed it will be more raggedy looking
Now I just hope that when the mother to be opens it she will like it... 


  1. These are awesome to make...yours looks super soft and will be perfect for a new bub with that gorgeous fabric. xxxxx


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