Halloween Trunk or Treat

It's Trunk or Treat time... Here is how we decorated our trunk this year... not to imaginative but worked 
Every year at church we have a chili cook off and games for the children for Halloween and then after dark is Trunk or Treat... a safe way for our children to have fun but not get hurt by people with bad intentions 
 Here are a few pictures of people with their trunks decorated... 
They are all so good... 

My son told the man who put up these decorations that he needed to feed his skeleton... When the man just looked at him he said he needs meat on his bones... LOL always a kidder  

 The skeleton here is kind of creepy standing on its own lol

This is so sweet! One of the little girls gave this to me after I gave her some candy as a thank you for giving her some candy... Aw she was adorable... of course everyone yelled thank you as they ran off but she went the extra mile to show her appreation! She will be a special person when she is grown


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