First Snow Fall of the Winter Season!

I woke up this morning and it had snowed last night.
The news man said there was a 20% chance of snow so I thought "Oh...It won't snow" boy was I wrong
HA! I guess they are better at predicting the weather here then where I came from because it snowed when they said it would
And they say for the next two days we will have snow off and on
There was a lot more snow earlier but it has already started melting.
Two Quail still looking for food in my yard
Aw my little California man does not want to step in the white cold stuff lol
Takota is standing on the only strip by the door with no snow he is standing sideways so that he doesn't stand in it so funny I just let him out but you would have thought by the look on his poor face that he has been out there all night lol. But below Ringo has no problem with it he is just curious about it
This is quite a difference from this weekend were the weather was nice and warm. I did not wear a coat at all and now I have to pull out my California jacket which I know will not keep me very warm. Time to invest in a winter coat


  1. beautiful to wake to that would be magical...never lived anywhere near that kind of weather I can only imagine...although I am sure the novelty wears of after a few months of it. xxxx


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