A Highly Successful Halloween Party 2013

 With a pot luck party you hope first of all that you have an array of food and next that there is enough
And oh my goodness there was a lot of food and boy was it all great!
Don't you just love these spider deviled eggs? My niece made them... she is so clever
And here are 14 quarts of stew... a lime, cilantro, black bean chili that is out of this world simply because it was made with the chili's that my brother in law grows and dries and makes into chili powder! Very Hot! Very Good Chili's
And next is the best dessert bread ever that my sister made... Lemon blueberry yogurt loaf the recipe 
found here
Everyone spread all over the house and enjoying good food and great company
I even spotted little red ridding hood who stopped by for a little stew lol

Even a little music before we started the pumpkin carving

 But all of a sudden the big bad wolf came by to visit and scare her papa lol well okay she was really a little witch but she made a very convincing wolf
 and below are just three of the eleven pumpkins that were carved

 Well it was such a great party with everyone laughing and visiting and just having a great time and that is what it's all about! 
I hope that everyone has a safe, fun and happy Halloween this year!
I love my husband so much! thank you sweet bby for all your support and for making our home a place of love and happiness xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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