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First Snow Fall of the Winter Season!

I woke up this morning and it had snowed last night. The news man said there was a 20% chance of snow so I thought "Oh...It won't snow" boy was I wrong HA! I guess they are better at predicting the weather here then where I came from because it snowed when they said it would And they say for the next two days we will have snow off and on There was a lot more snow earlier but it has already started melting. Two Quail still looking for food in my yard Aw my little California man does not want to step in the white cold stuff lol Takota is standing on the only strip by the door with no snow he is standing sideways so that he doesn't stand in it so funny I just let him out but you would have thought by the look on his poor face that he has been out there all night lol. But below Ringo has no problem with it he is just curious about it This is quite a difference from this weekend were the weather was nice and warm. I did not wear a coat at all and now I have to pull out m…

Halloween Trunk or Treat

It's Trunk or Treat time... Here is how we decorated our trunk this year... not to imaginative but worked  Every year at church we have a chili cook off and games for the children for Halloween and then after dark is Trunk or Treat... a safe way for our children to have fun but not get hurt by people with bad intentions   Here are a few pictures of people with their trunks decorated...  They are all so good... 

My son told the man who put up these decorations that he needed to feed his skeleton... When the man just looked at him he said he needs meat on his bones... LOL always a kidder  

 The skeleton here is kind of creepy standing on its own lol

Natural Phenomenon

What is this? Is it a natural occurrence? 
LOL no... It's Picmonkey. 
I wanted to change a picture of a flower from color to sepia but started playing around with this one instead.
 It kind of looks like a UFO or something of that nature. 
But it is just this picture below changed with Pic Monkey
Hahaha... I love playing around with picmonkey

The Card Game of Life

My son's girlfriend found this new game of Life. It is a deck of cards instead of the game board... Oh my goodness... I had so much fun playing this game. It's essentially a made up game as far as the story line goes but the cards give you helps in making your life story. It was soooooo much fun!  Now I ask you is any game any fun without candy to munch on lol YUMMY

A Highly Successful Halloween Party 2013

With a pot luck party you hope first of all that you have an array of food and next that there is enough And oh my goodness there was a lot of food and boy was it all great! Don't you just love these spider deviled eggs? My niece made them... she is so clever And here are 14 quarts of stew... a lime, cilantro, black bean chili that is out of this world simply because it was made with the chili's that my brother in law grows and dries and makes into chili powder! Very Hot! Very Good Chili's And next is the best dessert bread ever that my sister made... Lemon blueberry yogurt loaf the recipe  found here Everyone spread all over the house and enjoying good food and great company I even spotted little red ridding hood who stopped by for a little stew lol

Even a little music before we started the pumpkin carving
 But all of a sudden the big bad wolf came by to visit and scare her papa lol well okay she was really a little witch but she made a very convincing wolf  and below a…