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Aunt Sharron and Uncle Jerry came to our house for our monthly family gatherings and we spent the day over at Bowers Mansion. It was a very happy day spent with family and friends. One for the memory book for sure! 

Well when they were here I teased them that since they were the first ones to spend time with us in the new house and the new bed in the spare room that we were going to christen it their room and place a plaque on the door with their names. 

Well we all had a good laugh at that but it got me to thinking about surprising them with a sign when they come for a visit next....


I went to Virginia City looking for a "Oldish...Cowboyish...antiqueish" kind of sign but was unsuccessful at finding one but the day was a great fun adventure
When I got home my husband told me to call my brother in law (Who happens to be very good at a great many things and made this for me) and ask him to make me a sign so I did.
 Here below is the sign that he made and I LOVED it! My Uncle is a HUGE fan of the old westerns and so I wanted something distressed and looking like it could be hung in a barn and this fit the bill!
I was ready to go and pick it up until I had a mishap and spent the next two weeks in SEVERE pain in bed unable to move or care for myself (sniff sniff... I am all better now!) Well while I was laid up my brother in law found out what their first names were and added another sign to it
And I was so pleased that he had added something so personal as their names to it when I was perfectly happy with the way it was but this made it all the more special! 


Something was wrong with the spelling and I hesitated about saying anything but then I did and my sweet brother in law was so accommodating and told me that it would not be a problem at all to fix it! 

My aunties name was spelled wrong she spells it with two R's.... 
So today I was finally able to go and pick it up... and was pleasantly surprised at the end result because he went all the way with the sign adding crocked rusted nails as the sign connectors... LOVE IT!
Now her name is spelled right and he even added a bonus sign on the bottom "Home Sweet Home" But wait... there is more
On the back side of Jerry and Sharron sign is the word "Vacancy" and on the back of Home Sweet Home sign is "No".
How great is that! It's so cute and now I can play with it when some one stays over I can change the sign to read "No Vacancy" How fun is that! (I know I am weird lol)

I was so happy and thrilled with the end result that I went to the store and purchased Seasonal flowers to add to the sign. I am still on the hunt for a pair of Play horse shoes to put somewhere on the sign. I can even change the flowers and decorations on this to reflect the seasons YAY! 
It's the little things in life that make me happy and this is one for sure!

Thank you Bro, I love it and you! Thank you very much


  1. How excellent is your BIL.....it is a great sign.....sorry you had been unwell hopefully you were well looked after and are now fully recovered. xxxxx


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