Crock Pot Breakfast

My son's girlfriend sent me this idea from a face book post she found that I thought would be fantastic so I tried it...

All you need is 
1 bag frozen hash browns
6-8 cooked sausage links cut up
12 eggs
16 oz shredded cheese 
1 Cup Milk
dash of salt, pepper, dry mustard

Mix the eggs with the milk and beat gently
add salt, pepper and mustard to wet mix

Spray the crock pot with non stick cooking spray 
add frozen hash browns on bottom next sausage then cheese

Now here is where I got confused...
Mix all ingredients together
If you have to layer the ingredients in order why would you mix them all up? 
Well I mixed it all up and the picture at the top is what it looked like 

Next you cook on low for 6-8 hours

We cooked it for eight hours and here is what it looked like
This is either a bad recipe or...... I did it wrong...
The cheese burnt on the outside and the burnt cheese formed a thermal barrier and the center did not cook all the way after eight hours...  Sooooooo
This one is a fail and will not be in my collections of favorites


  1. epic sadness lol. when I first started reading I was sad I missed it but now im sad it didn't even turn out lol. ill have to try my luck at it and see what happens :)


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