Candy Dance 2013

When I lived in California I had a friend who went to this attraction called Candy Dance and she had such a great time that I asked her where she had attended that function and she said Genoa Nevada.
I had to laugh because I had grown up in Reno which is only about 55 minutes away and had never heard of Candy Dance or it was possible that I just did not pay attention as a teenager to this information lol. This function had started as a way to purchase street lamps in 1919 for the small town   Check out the link and read the short but fascinating story about the history of Candy Dance.
I told my girlfriend that I was going to go but I never did. Well it only took moving back here to Reno to go visit Genoa so that I could see what the hype was all about. (in the top pic sporting a grey hoodie is my sister in law she is camera shy lol)
There were booths as far as I could see all over the place. They had all the main streets closed off for foot traffic. (That's my mother in law in the black coat I went with her and my sweet sister in law, my son and his girlfriend) I can only imagine what a hassle it is for the people who live here and the very inconvenience it was to them.
There were some period dresses around and my mother in law loved them.
One of the things that was really cool to me were the old houses that are restored and used today. Kind of like Virginia city but not as big of an attraction. I told my mother in law and sister in law that we have to go back later to visit when all the hullabaloo was gone and they all agreed! Yay another trip! ^^
There were an array of many different things and I had so much fun just walking around and looking at all the really great stuff people made. Although purchases were made lol and I think the best one was my chocolate and nut covered banana on a stick made right before my eyes....Ohhhhh I have to make these one day and very soon 
I tried to get a picture here of all the long street and people walking around but the one below is a better picture. In the top picture is my son's girlfriend who went with us too. You can see from this picture too that this city is at the base of the mountains and is truly beautiful but I know that with all the booths and people these pictures do not do it justice.
 It was shoulder to shoulder with the people but everyone was nice and polite and the day was a really nice 75 degrees so we did not get to hot.
 Here is a cute and very tiny antique shoppe 
 These two items top and bottom were just sitting outside as yard ornaments... Well not the large blow up bottle of Bud Light in the back ground lol it was there for the event
 And these last pictures were in the yard of the small museum... I have always loved wagons!


  1. Wow such history we are such a young country compared and don't have those same type of places or events close by...looks like a great day with loads of people to manoeuvre around.


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