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Candy Dance 2013

When I lived in California I had a friend who went to this attraction called Candy Dance and she had such a great time that I asked her where she had attended that function and she said Genoa Nevada.
I had to laugh because I had grown up in Reno which is only about 55 minutes away and had never heard of Candy Dance or it was possible that I just did not pay attention as a teenager to this information lol. This function had started as a way to purchase street lamps in 1919 for the small town   Check out the link and read the short but fascinating story about the history of Candy Dance.
I told my girlfriend that I was going to go but I never did. Well it only took moving back here to Reno to go visit Genoa so that I could see what the hype was all about. (in the top pic sporting a grey hoodie is my sister in law she is camera shy lol)
There were booths as far as I could see all over the place. They had all the main streets closed off for foot traffic. (That's my mother in law in th…

Dayton Valley Days 2013

What a fun event Dayton holds each year
 They have booths for about a mile and a half  Selling any thing and every thing
 Cars were lined up for blocks to compete for the best show

 Even my brother in law was there selling his works of art
By the afternoon the clouds had come in and it started raining on the valley floor and snowing in the mountains... I guess this is the unofficial start of fall on Saturday but today Sunday is the official first day of fall and no rain or snow lol Oh well... In Reno there is a saying "If you do not like the weather where you are standing then just wait five minutes and it will change" So true... So very true!

More Wild Horses

More wild horses eating our neighbors grass... They are getting plenty of food and they look good because of it. Everyday they walk up and down our streets here in our neighborhood unconcerned about us passing in our cars. I think horses are my most favorite animal next to my doggies... (except bubba... He's in the dog house right now lol)

Easy Day

Don't you just love easy, realxing days... I don't have them too often but when I get them! I enjoy it to the fullest. And the rain is a pleasurable bonus!

Bad Dog Day...

Oh My Goodness..... I came home the other day and there was a bad smell to the house and for some reason there was a bowl in the front room.
As I came into the dinning room there was the lid and I thought what the heck is going on  Then I realized that the dog got into the cupboard... WHAT??? How did he do that???  This dog has done some pretty amazing things but I did not think that he could open doors but I was wrong
When I found this I was worried.... He had cut his tongue a little but he was okay but I cannot have this happen again...
 But when I turned around and saw this..... BOY was I mad!!!  This was not the first time he had done this but it would be the last...  I had had it! Now he sits outside while we are at work... He is not happy about it but it keeps me from wanting to strangle him and keeps him safe from himself... Goofy dog but he is adjusting well

Crock Pot Breakfast

My son's girlfriend sent me this idea from a face book post she found that I thought would be fantastic so I tried it...
All you need is  1 bag frozen hash browns 6-8 cooked sausage links cut up 12 eggs 16 oz shredded cheese  1 Cup Milk dash of salt, pepper, dry mustard
Mix the eggs with the milk and beat gently add salt, pepper and mustard to wet mix
Spray the crock pot with non stick cooking spray  add frozen hash browns on bottom next sausage then cheese
Now here is where I got confused... Mix all ingredients together If you have to layer the ingredients in order why would you mix them all up?  Well I mixed it all up and the picture at the top is what it looked like 
Next you cook on low for 6-8 hours
We cooked it for eight hours and here is what it looked like This is either a bad recipe or...... I did it wrong... The cheese burnt on the outside and the burnt cheese formed a thermal barrier and the center did not cook all the way after eight hours...  Sooooooo This one is a f…

Ogg's Place

Aunt Sharron and Uncle Jerry came to our house for our monthly family gatherings and we spent the day over at Bowers Mansion. It was a very happy day spent with family and friends. One for the memory book for sure! 
Well when they were here I teased them that since they were the first ones to spend time with us in the new house and the new bed in the spare room that we were going to christen it their room and place a plaque on the door with their names. 
Well we all had a good laugh at that but it got me to thinking about surprising them with a sign when they come for a visit next....
I went to Virginia City looking for a "Oldish...Cowboyish...antiqueish" kind of sign but was unsuccessful at finding one but the day was a great fun adventure When I got home my husband told me to call my brother in law (Who happens to be very good at a great many things and made this for me) and ask him to make me a sign so I did.  Here below is the sign that he made and I LOVED it! My Unc…