Virginia City 2013

Virginia City is a really fun place to visit. It is a tourist destination for many and the events are varied but always fun. Like Camel Races the second weekend of September and over Labor Day will be Civil War Days. I just love going there to see the way they lived during the "Gold Rush" days. There is a stage coach ride I want to take and also a "Mine Tour" that goes under ground that sounds like a lot of fun. I took the train ride a few years ago with my daughter and loved it especially spending time with her then. Today was spent with my son, we had a mission to find a sign but we were unsuccessful so we decided to spend the day there.

This was a fun play put on with good and bad guys. It was a lot of fun to watch they were pretty funny

 People mining for real gold here they stock the dredge with gold so that everyone finds a little to take home with them... The kids love this a lot

This guy was really great! He was wandering around town with his old mule and acting like he had lost his mind out here in his long john pajamas lol.
I had to make one black and white to see if it would a old time photo and I think it looks great! What do you think?
Have a great week everyone


  1. What a cool place to visit...I can see why the tourist would love it...what kind of sign were you looking for??


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