Crock Pot Chicken and Potato Soup

Have you ever used Bear Creek products They are the best as far as dried products go. The flavor is rich and very tasty. It's not like eating processed food when reconstituted, its like eating real home made food cooked from scratch. So it was my obvious choice when I wanted to make a crock pot meal and whip it up quick. I used the soup mix as a base and added boneless skinless chicken, potatoes, corn and onion then just set the heat on high for eight hours. 

I am not sure why but meat always looks gross to me in pictures and I feel like I need to apologize for taking a picture and posting it lol but I took the chicken out of the crock pot to shred it then I added it back to the pot and mixed it well 

Here is the end product... Not much like soup I guess I added too much of everything but it was delicious and a great dish for a large family to gather and share. Good food, laughter and love is best shared over great food. This ones a keeper.
Oh and by the way my dog love the last crock pot recipe that I cooked because he jumped up to the counter and knocked the empty crock pot on the floor to lick the inside clean, luckily he was not hurt and the only damage done to my pot was a crack to my knob thank goodness! Although I do have another pot but it's smaller. He is lucky or he would have spent the night outside with only bread and water lol just kidding. well kind of... 


  1. Oh naughty doggie...I can see why he thought he needed some they do look delicious...although I do agree about meat in photos. xxxx


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