Bowers Mansion Trip Picnic

After the tour and we had eaten our food, we walked up the very steep trail to the cemetery where the Bower family were buried. It was a little tough but it was a climb that was well worth the effort. 
Here is the first part... my legs hurt just looking at these stairs lol
 That's my niece in the distance she was on top of the climb all the way. The pictures look like the ground is flat but we were walking up the whole way
 There are my son and his girl friend, she has a sprained foot but she walked up the hill anyway... That's youth for you lol

 I was soooooo very happy that they had about four of these on the trail because I used everyone of them 
 My mom....She had an accident in February and spent three months as an invalid and could not get out of bed or raise her head and now look at her! I am so proud   

 This is half way up the mountain and the view of the back of the Bowers Mansion 

 And here is the top where the cemetery is... What a view looking out across the valley. My parents live on the other side of the valley and if you look to the right center you can see a small body of water, my parents live on the other side of the water. 

 This beautiful lady is my auntie Sharron, I was cheering her on for making the trek without having to rest or sit down. I always tease her that no moss would ever think of growing on her because she is a rolling stone never resting. She once told me that she kept a pedometer on her foot to see how much she walked in a day and she said that on a average day it was over 10,000 steps...Phew! Your my hero Auntie Sharron 
 My mother was happy just to make it lol I love you mom! Great job

 The walk down was so much easier

And we are done! It only took about 1/2 hour up and back not to bad. I remember as a child I would run the whole way up and down... no way could I do that today lol
Our picnic was spent at a table with this as our view. The trees surrounded us and there was a slight breeze that kept the heat away from us. The day was perfect and spent with loved ones I could not have asked for a better day... Well maybe it would have been better if everyone could have been there but I understand life goes on! But there will be times that they can make it to other gatherings! Have a great week everyone and thank you so much for the great day. We love you all! 


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