Bowers Mansion Trip Part 3 of 4

The last two days posts were outside so today we go inside to see the house. 
Below is room 1

The tour guide said that the items in the house were all donated to the state so that we could have an idea of how the place could have looked years ago.
Below room 2

This is a coal box I am guessing since it is next to the fire place
Below room 3

 On a tour I took as a child I remember the guide telling us that the people in the 1800's were very much smaller than we are today both in height and weight. These clothing in real life look like they could fit a twelve year old not a twenty five year old married couple
Below room 4

And I saved this beauty for last... It's in a corner in the kitchen can you guess what it is? I think you can
Yep it's a bathing tub but up close it looks like you have to sit in it with your legs hanging over the side so I suppose it was an awful mess cleaning up after your bath. 

Well this has blog has got longer than I thought and I still have more pictures to show so I will save them for tomorrow see ya


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