Bowers Mansion Trip Part 1 of 4

I have loved being back home in Reno, Nevada with my family! It has afforded me much needed family time to get reacquainted with them after a 25 year separation. Today we had a family gathering at a local State Park called Bowers Mansion and took the Tour inside this old building. I LOVED IT! 
As a child my mother would take us here to play at the park so I have many fond memories of this place and today was no different. (here is my sweet mother in law)
As we waited for the tour to start most of my family gathered around and waited for each other to get there so that we could all take the tour together at the same time

As we stood around waiting my husband regaled us with his usual antics which always makes me laugh... I love this man so!
And this day we were so happy to have my auntie and uncle from Stockton up to visit with us which made for a very special day! We love you guys
The park ranger said that our group was by far the largest of the tour groups this summer 
and that she thought our group would be the funnest group yet
 We didn't disappoint her lol


  1. What a fabulous day yo all had really is the best. xxx


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