Abandoned Old House

While out working on my route I pass this house every day
And as I pass this house I wonder about it's history and the people who had at one point lived, loved and played here 
The small shed in the back... What did they put inside?
When visitors came to this house who were they, how did the people who lived here live? what did they do for a living? What were their beliefs? Was it a big family or a small one? Did they have children?
In the winter... Who played in this covered indoor porch safe from the snow? Was there a small flower bed under the cover porch windows? What little feet ran around this front yard playing tag your it?
How about this tree? was there a tire swing or a swing at all? Did children hide their eyes against this tree while counting for a game of hide and seek. Or did the family lay down a blanket and eat under the shade of this tree enjoying each others company 
Was this the shed where they kept their horses, pigs, hens, or cows? Did they have a vegetable patch or grow hay for local farmers? 
 Someone, sometime ago purchased this house brand new and fell in love with it. Nurtured within the walls and called this place home. It was a place called home now is sits unused, abandoned and left alone... The "What's" I will never know or have answers to but... It makes me think each time I pass it that some one lived, laughed and loved here and that makes me smile


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