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Outside of Virginia City a Car with a tree and bottles

Just outside of Virginia City we came across this stop... I think it's a fun place  It is really hard to see but these trees have empty bottles on their branches among other things 

 This car has a tree coming out of the back seat and items growing on the side of the car... Someone must be caring for them because they are green and still growing unlike the trees with the bottles on them.
I know that there is some kind of history here but I have not found it out. But a very cool sight it is.

Road Side Stop Geiger Grade

On our way to Virginia City Saturday we passed a road side stop and got out. At first it looked like just another scenic view but as we stood there I noticed structures so we took a walk down to these. We really do not know what this place was and were not able to find out much yet but the small bit I did find I added at the end.
Turns out this was once a rest room but no more

We think the holes in these pillars all over the place were for signs but really do not know but my son said they were left overs from the Salem witch hunts lol 

 Another dynamic view from the top of the rocks

In this picture you can actually see where we live but it is way to small to point out but if you look at the center of the picture and up to the left about half an inch that's our place. So funny to realize that everyday when we look up at this mountain that we are looking at the place that we were standing right then lol
History found here
In 1861, the territorial legislature granted Dr. D. M. Geige…

Virginia City 2013

Virginia City is a really fun place to visit. It is a tourist destination for many and the events are varied but always fun. Like Camel Races the second weekend of September and over Labor Day will be Civil War Days. I just love going there to see the way they lived during the "Gold Rush" days. There is a stage coach ride I want to take and also a "Mine Tour" that goes under ground that sounds like a lot of fun. I took the train ride a few years ago with my daughter and loved it especially spending time with her then. Today was spent with my son, we had a mission to find a sign but we were unsuccessful so we decided to spend the day there.

This was a fun play put on with good and bad guys. It was a lot of fun to watch they were pretty funny

 People mining for real gold here they stock the dredge with gold so that everyone finds a little to take home with them... The kids love this a lot

This guy was really great! He was wandering around town with his old mule and …

Crock Pot adventures

I have been using a crock pot since I could cook and my mother before me and her mother before her I guess you can say that I was raised on food from a crock pot. My auntie Sharron on my father's side has used a crock pot from the time that I can remember and I think that my gran her mother used one too
Crock pots are so easy to use, the food comes out great because it is cooked slowly and there is very little effort used in the prep and cooking.
It had been a couple of years since I had used my crock pot until my sweet and fun fellow blogger (Whom is a great blogger you should check out her blog)  got one for herself and her excitement sent me out again looking for easy but tasty recipes.
So I called my Auntie and asked her to share some crock pot recipes with me and then an idea sparked in my mind... I told her if she sent me her recipes I would put them into a cook book along with all her great memories that she had from the days she used them. 
She agreed and sent me the first…

Crock Pot Chicken and Potato Soup

Have you ever used Bear Creek products They are the best as far as dried products go. The flavor is rich and very tasty. It's not like eating processed food when reconstituted, its like eating real home made food cooked from scratch. So it was my obvious choice when I wanted to make a crock pot meal and whip it up quick. I used the soup mix as a base and added boneless skinless chicken, potatoes, corn and onion then just set the heat on high for eight hours. 

I am not sure why but meat always looks gross to me in pictures and I feel like I need to apologize for taking a picture and posting it lol but I took the chicken out of the crock pot to shred it then I added it back to the pot and mixed it well 
Here is the end product... Not much like soup I guess I added too much of everything but it was delicious and a great dish for a large family to gather and share. Good food, laughter and love is best shared over great food. This ones a keeper.
Oh and by the way my dog love the last

Abandoned Old House

While out working on my route I pass this house every day And as I pass this house I wonder about it's history and the people who had at one point lived, loved and played here  The small shed in the back... What did they put inside? When visitors came to this house who were they, how did the people who lived here live? what did they do for a living? What were their beliefs? Was it a big family or a small one? Did they have children? In the winter... Who played in this covered indoor porch safe from the snow? Was there a small flower bed under the cover porch windows? What little feet ran around this front yard playing tag your it? How about this tree? was there a tire swing or a swing at all? Did children hide their eyes against this tree while counting for a game of hide and seek. Or did the family lay down a blanket and eat under the shade of this tree enjoying each others company  Was this the shed where they kept their horses, pigs, hens, or cows? Did they have a vegetable pa…