Wild Horses

I love horses! When I was young I worked at a wild horse ranch and dreamed of the days that I would own my very own herd of horses... Never happened but that's okay
What makes this group of wild horses really funny is the fact that our neighbor had just spent the week end laying down sod and the next day this herd of wild horses made an evening meal out of his hard work
My son's girl friend took all these pictures for me because they know how much I love horses 
(Thank you Megan, I think you need to start a blog because you take great pictures) 
My son walked over to the neighbors and was talking to him about the horses eating his grass and the neighbor said that this happens all the time and it will happen again later and they laughed... He said it does not bother him to at all
These wild horses are unafraid of anyone passing by they do not even look up as they drive by in their car

I have to say that for wild horses... These are very fine specimens 


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