New Tires

Last night after coming home to these two cuties I sat down to a home made meal that my sweet husband had ready for me when I came in. A BBQ hit the spot after a long day... after my delicious meal I sat down to the computer to check up on things and my husband said to me "I am going to check something on your car I will be right back." He gave me a peck on the cheek and went out the door. 

He does that a lot so I didn't give it a second thought

Thirty five minutes later I got to wondering what was taking him so long so I went out side and this is what I found. I said "what are you doing?" He said "Changing your tires" OH My Goodness
He had purchased a whole new set of tires for my truck because I felt uneasy while driving because the old tires were coming apart and I hadn't told him until yesterday morning.
So he had the tire company install brand new tires on his car at work and then when he came home and after dinner he snuck outside and changed his tires from his car to mine
My husband in his younger days was a race car driver and so trying to take pictures of him while he worked was hard because he was buzzing around to fast for the camera lol 
 When I asked can I shine a flash light for you his response was that's okay... but I did anyway it's the least I can do right??? 
 So last night and after the sun had gone down for the day my husband surprised me and snuck out to put new tires on my car. But this meant changing eight tires, EIGHT
 If I have to change one... i'm done and he changed eight.
And when it was all said and done he put bling on my tire stems lol Green topped stem covers lol Green just happens to be one of my fav colors. Oh and please forgive the dirt.. That kind of happens when you live in a dust bowl lol

Thank you to the best man in the world I love you bunches and just so you know I think that your the best! 


  1. that was so sweet to read :) it is somewhat conforting to know there are still true gentlemen out there!


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