New Bedspread

My mother in law has been in search for a new bedspread to fit her odd sized bed... She has been looking for months when she came across two twin size bedspreads that she had packed away from the early 1980's (She said they are thirty years old but you can not tell because they are in great shape!) So my father in law had an idea... He took the twin spreads and cut the ruffle off of the side of both spreads and then took out moms sewing machine and stitched them together... But he was not finished yet... He (with the help of mom) stitched these valences out of the ruffle he cut off the spreads... Wow now that made a cool matching set for the bedroom... I was very happy to see the job he did... I had no idea that he was so creative or could sew
I love it and they really look good together in their bedroom! Good job Popy 


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