My New Cars

We have new cars Woo Hoo... I love Volkswagen's and we were just given two of them! This really sweet couple had to get rid of them and as long as we hauled them off we could have them. I am beyond excited and really grateful to them. It will be a couple of years before I can drive them but I am really looking forwards to it.
I have wanted a bug since high school. My best friend had one and I loved it

 These two cars have been sitting for around 25 years so they need some real serious work on them
 This is the hill that we had to haul them down from so that the tow truck could reach them for loading, It's really more steep than this picture makes it look. 
 Here's my bug... This one I have been told in it's hay day was featured in a magazine! I wish I could see that article... That would be so cool
 I felt like a child on Christmas morning watching these get unloaded lol Silly right? It's the little child in me

Here my sister was showing my mother a hornets nest that they found in the door jam of this car but the hornets were gone by the time we unloaded it.

Here is a close up... kind of scary but it was empty "Phew" Now to the saving and planing of getting these two cars road ready! I am so excited I can hardly wait... 
So, What colors to choose??? Hum Decisions, decisions 
 And here is the miracle worker that will be preforming the miracles on these two cars! You go baby!


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