Jessica's Chicken Crock Pot Fiesta

This is my dear, sweet, fun, vibrant, and full of life friend that I miss so much! (now that I have moved three hours away) Miss your smile and good humor Jessica.

The other day she made a post on Face Book about a recipe that she was having for that night's dinner and It sounded really yummy and extremely easy to make. So I purchased the ingredients last night and got down to work. I made one crock pot for my husband for work today and one for our dinner tonight. (It was a hit at my husbands work)
This picture is Jessica's sweet adorably cute son... He is sooooo cute
I just put him in here for the cuteness factor lol. He went to lunch with us one day and we were there for around two hours and he was a gem the whole time! His smile just warms my heart! I can hardly wait until I am a Nana and have a sweet little peanut of my own to cuddle! I love baby's

Okay on to my post... below are the ingredients that I purchased 
Here's a list of what Jessica said to purchase
1. 5 to 6 chicken breasts (I used 8 boneless skinless)
2. A jar of mild Salsa (I used two 24 oz each mild chunky)
3. Taco seasoning (I used one chicken Taco seasoning)
4. I added four Shallots minced or cut up fine
5. Any traditional or not so traditional fixings to add to your taco. Like lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and so on

Directions; Rinse your chicken if it is frozen or fresh. (My grandmother taught me that there could be shards of bone from being cut and rinsing them gets rid of them but if you use boneless then no worries about bones) I also check for bad parts or excess fat and cut it off. 
Next I dumped the jars of salsa into a large bowl and mixed the taco seasoning and shallots together with the salsa. 
Then I placed the chicken on the bottom of my crock pot and then added the mixed sauce over the top until all the chicken was completely covered. 
I cooked the meat on high for six to eight hours. When your chicken is done it falls apart! 

Take your fork and pull the chicken apart until it is all shredded and then stir the meat mix until its combined and then serve. 
You can eat this alone on a taco shell or on top of your taco fixings like my father in law did kind of like a salad, or you can go all they way and have a smorgasbord of fixings like Spanish rice, corn, olives, onions chips... what ever you fancy 

 I have to warn you because the aroma that will fill your house is mouth watering and it will make you hungry, very hungry.
Now you invite friends and family to share in this wonderful and very delicious meal, that's what I am talking about!This was a really big hit and a recipe that I will most definitely make again and add to my cooking recipes. This one is a keeper, thank you Jessica! Hey if you have another one I would love to have it! Thank you again Jessica
Printable copy here recipe 


  1. mmmmm on the to try list for sure. xx

  2. It was sooooo good!!!! Cant wait to make it myself!!


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